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We would definitely recommend you to anybody interested in purchasing an RV!

Hi Gary, it was a pleasure buying from you and having an orientation with Skip. Everybody was friendly and helpful and you were very patient with us. We appreciate all the great service and kindness! We would definitely recommend you to anybody interested in purchasing an RV!

Keith G.

Overall great experience!

My experience with the staff at the RV Express has been second to none! The representative, Jessica, went way above and beyond to assist me with selecting my camper, completing the purchase, and even arranging extended storage and shipping for my while I was overseas! She made the process of ordering a RV easier than shopping for a pair of shoes! Great service, great price on my Jayco Bungalow, and an overall great experience! I highly recommend using them (ask for Jessica! She's a true professional!) when electing to make your future RV purchase.

Nick L.

It's worth the trip across the US

This is the second RV that we have purchased from Indiana RV Connection. We ordered this one through Jessica, she was extremely helpful with all our questions and changes. After the Motorhome was built, we drove from the West coast to pick it up. Randy was our tech that did the walk through. When we got to the dealership the motorhome was absolutely spotless, everything was in its place. Randy had walked us through the last RV we purchased from them 6 years ago, Randy is what makes the process go so smoothly. I normally don't write reviews, but I do read them, after reading some on RV Connection and having a great experience in the past and this experience even being better, I felt I needed to write this! We love our new motorhome and I would never hesitate to purchase from RV Connection again, it's worth the trip across the US!

Grayson B. - San Francisco, CA


You don't need to asked for a better price she gives you the best price.

This review isn't so much about Richardson RV but one incredible employee by the name of Jessica Macias who is in internet sales. My wife and I live in Bakersfield, CA and when we started looking for our motorhome I found Jessica at RV Express. I sent Jessica a request for a quote on a Jayco Grayhawk 30X and when the price came back I was in shock. I had to call her and make sure we were talking about the same options and she should double check her figures. She assured me that the price was correct and all was good. The price was about $15000.00 dollars less than that Camping place. She explained that it would take about four to six months before it could be delivered. Of course over that time period I called Jessica with all kinds of questions. I'm sure she told everyone that when my name showed up on caller ID she was either out of the office or state which ever sounded better. I called and Jessica got the answers to all of my questions and more. The date finally came and were off to Menifee to get our new motor home and meet Jessica. Upon our walk through with Skip a few minor issues were found and fixed. Just about the time were getting ready to leave I found a bigger issue and Jessica called the owner Steve Richardson and he even got involved with making sure that this issue was resolved. If your looking into buying a motor home, 5th wheel or trailer you would be very smart to give Jessica Macias a call at RV Express. Dealing with Jessica was real simple and smooth, you don't need to asked for a better price she gives you the best price. The only complaint I have is there isn't enough Jessica's in the world of business.

Ron & Lynn Michael

Us and our new Jayco Class C.

You're always quick to respond to all my emails.

Hi Lorenz,
It's been awhile and I wanted to check in and let you know how it's going. We finally got out of the snow blizzard in Nebraska and made it to the California coast. The grandkids wanted me to tell you they really love the new Jayco eagle and they had a great time staying at the beach with us. They are all ready planning another trip for us to take them on.

I have to tell you the little bit that we have used the 5th wheel it has really impressed us. The fit and finish as well as the overall quality and even the towing felt safe and secure. As you know this was our first 5th wheel and I was a little worried about the handling and towing. No need to worry.

Lorenz, you and I started this venture back in early October with my hundred questions about every possible thing that could go wrong. Ordering an RV from the internet just seemed crazy at the time. You hung in there and I'm sure glad you did. I highly recommend this to anyone shopping for a new Jayco. We got ours made to order and could not find a better price at the dealership.

Now that being said there is always a little bad with the good. One defect we found I did call warranty service. And at this time it is six weeks out for service. I thought that was to long to wait but as my wife reminded me, this is traveling season and everyone is getting their rigs serviced. I hate it when she's right :-) We had fun going to Indiana and taking the tour of the Jayco factory. It is amazing how hard they work at putting the trailers together quickly. We also got to meet the crew at Indiana RV Express and they were very helpful and professional. Thanks again guys for your service.

In conclusion, Thank you so much Lorenz. I really appreciate all that you and Jessica have done for us. You're always quick to respond to all my emails and if you were off Jessica filled in perfectly. You and Jessica make a great team and are an asset to the company.

Respectfully, Allen and Barb Shultz


I would recommend purchasing.

I recently purchased a toy hauler from Richardson's RV in Menifee. I worked primarily with Jessica in Internet Sales. To say she was awesome would be an understatement. She was very responsive and accommodating. My entire transaction was completed over email and text. Jessica was challenged by obsessive compulsive disorder. The fact that she was so responsive and accommodating, made me comfortable with purchasing a toy hauler sight unseen. When I took delivery, it was as described. In addition Nick, Sara and Ebony were also pleasant and helpful. I would recommend purchasing an RV from Richardsons RV. Definitely ask for Jessica!

Lyle B.
Carlsbad, CA


With the amount of money we saved and how well we were received and treated it was well worth the drive.

We worked exclusively online with Jessica Macias and she was very helpful, polite and courteous throughout the entire process. I had submitted quite a few quotes for Jayco trailers as this was our first go around with travel trailers. Quotes came back very quickly and complete with details.

After we decided on the Jayco model we wanted we put an order in. Now the only draw back was the amount of wait time for the trailer to be built but this was completely out of Jessica's hands and was because of the high demand for Jayco trailers.

We drove from Sacramento, California to pick up our trailer in Riverside, California and with the amount of money we saved and how well we were received and treated it was well worth the drive. I only hope we get good service here in Sacramento if our trailer ever needs any service work performed.

Thank you Jessica and thank you Gustavo who performed our walk through!!!

Brad W.
Carmichael, CA


What a great buying experience!

I have been a top level sales person my entire career and it is extremely rare to be able to deal with someone as good as Jessica at the RV Express. She is very thorough and responds quickly to all of your questions and needs. From the decision to purchase, to the building of our RV, to the delivery, Jessica follows up through the entire process. If you deal with Jessica on your next RV, you will not be disappointed.

David G.


Finding the right rig at the right price!

After spending over a year debating which 5th wheel would be right for us, we finally decided on the Open Range 3X388RKS, made by Highland Ridge. It features one of the largest, if not THE largest, kitchen in 5th wheels with lots of storage space in cupboards, a full pantry, complimented by a 22 cubic ft. residential refrigerator. Its two opposing 42" slides in the living / dining area create an amazing amount of interior room, which is enhanced also by the high non-sloping ceiling, complete with ceiling fan. With the addition of the optional patio deck access through the sliding glass door by the dining table, it seemed like it was a no brainer that we should be getting it. My wife and I were even more impressed that Highland Ridge showed their manufacturing process on, and are proud enough of their handiwork to give their products a fully transferable 2-year warranty, which I don't think is duplicated by any other manufacturer.

The task then was to find the dealer with the best price on our dream rig equipped the way we wanted it. I Googled something like "discount open range dealers", and found The RV Express listed with some other dealers. Going to their website, I found that I could specify the rig I wanted with the options I wanted and get the MSRP immediately, which I did. If I put in my email address, I'd get an email or phone call with their price. A nice lady name Jessica emailed me back shortly thereafter with a price that, quite frankly, was pretty unbelievable being less than 70% of MSRP. Her email also told about the simple procedure The RV Express had for purchasing rigs through them, how they didn't charge for a pre-delivery inspection, and that the document fee was only $50 for California delivery. As I was still doing my due diligence then, I kinda put her email on the back burner, and kept looking for another dealer that could offer a similar price, as well as looked for information on The RV Express as I wondered if it was really real as there wasn't a flashy website with lots of flashy words saying how their prices were better than anyone else's, etc... From looking at the various RV forums, a few other folks had heard of The RV Express, and had either purchased from them, or been impressed with them so much that there wasn't anything bad to say about them. I felt encouraged then to continue emailing Jessica while still looking at other dealers, just in case another dealer could meet her price, or even give me a better price. My search yielded no results of any other RV dealer that could come close! The dealer search was over.

At that point, my wife and I had to wait until our financial picture was ripe for getting the rig, and we sent her lots of emails asking questions about various details of the rig. She'd always respond in a courteous, professional manner, never condescending about our lack of information, but letting us know what it is that we wanted to know, and never pressuring us to make a commitment to buy.

When the time came that our finances were right, she made the purchase procedure quite easy with no red tape, and everything above board. There was a hiccup in keeping our financial ducks in line, and she remained steadfast with us to ensure that the building of our dream rig would continue, and that we'd be able to take possession of it after it came to Richardson's RV in Menifee, Ca. As a result, we are now the proud owners of a dream 5th wheel for a dream of a price.

Having said all that, I heartily recommend The RV Express for anyone thinking of purchasing any kind of RV. From what we went through while we were doing our homework and purchasing of our rig, I feel that Jessica, as well as anyone else who may fill in if she's taking a (rare) day off, will treat you with professionalism and respect, answering any question you come up with. If she doesn't know the answer, she'll get back to you when she does know the answer. While I don't think she'll try to do something overtly special or extraordinary to earn your business, I think that you'll find that all the reasons are there why it would benefit you to give her, and The RV Express, your business. Happy RVing!

Charles D.
Box Elder, SD


If we are ever in the market for another trailer we know where to go.

"We started researching camp trailers about 2.5 years ago, and about 6 months ago decided we were ready to purchase our first trailer. After deciding on a specific Jayco model that we wanted, we had to find a dealer. After lots of internet browsing and landing on a Jayco forum, one of the members recommended I get a online quote from RV Express. After configuring the model we wanted, I received an email response about 10 minutes later from Jessica with a figure that was far far better then any number more local dealers had given me. For the next several months and lots of email correspondence between myself and Jessica, we ordered our trailer and took delivery at Richardson's RV in Riverside, CA. The sales expirience was top notch. Sure enough every time I had a question and emailed or called Jessica I got an immediate response (and there were a lot of questions). If it required some research I usually had an answer by the end of the day. The entire process could not have been any smoother. And thanks to the rest of the team, Shelly who did the walk through, Danny in service, Mike in parts, all you guys were awesome! I cant say enough good things about the entire team. If we are ever in the market for another trailer we know where to go. Thanks!!

Matt from Reno, NV"


I truly believe RV Express, and especially Jessica's attitude are what people are looking for when they are purchasing a travel trailer or RV.

After years of determining if I was ready for my first travel trailer, I decided on Jayco because of their reputation. I reviewed many models and finally settled on JayFlight 23MDS.

The next step was to compare prices and of course I checked my own back yard for dealers. I came across dealers with attitudes and that they were doing you a favor by buying from them. They didn't seem to recognize the power of the Internet for price comparison. It's not always about price but the first impression of the sales people will give you an indication of the overall facility.


The whole transaction was extremely positive

We drove our tow vehicle from CA to Indiana RV Connection in Middlebury, IN to pick up our new Jayco. The whole transaction was extremely positive. We went through the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) with one of their technicians named Ben. Ben was very accommodating and sincere in making sure our unit was ready and he even repaired a couple minor issues right on the spot. Following the PDI, we were directed over to Jamie's office for final paperwork tasks and Jamie was very professional and all went very well and efficient. We took our new Jayco into Michigan to visit family for several days and we discovered a couple additional minor issues so, we called and asked for Ben and he told us to stop by and he would do what he could to take care of the issues. We ended up arriving later that afternoon and Ben immediately attended to the issues. We couldn't have asked for better service and we are very please with the staff at Indiana RV Connection. I also want to put a positive plug in for the gentleman who's name escapes me at the moment who performed the drop off of the Jayco from the dealership to the delivery point in Michigan about 6 to 7 miles away. This gentleman was very professional and courteous as well.

Leonard H.
Fullerton, CA


I actually felt like they valued my business

I finally came across RV Express, Richardson's RV in Menifee CA., which was 1200 miles away. They had by far the best price and was willing to negotiate. My local dealers said there is no way we can match that price and one dealer said what kind of premium would you like to pay for being in the local area.

I finally decided to factory order the trailer through Richardson's RV (RV Express) with all the options that I needed. After placing my down payment, it took a couple of months before delivery, which I didn't mind  mainly due to the time of the year.

The day finally came and my brother in-law from Fairbanks, Alaska and I did the trip together. When we arrived at Richardson's facility, it looked very professional and upon entering I noticed my name was posted on their customer appreciation board. I felt welcome and treated as a valuable customer since the time I walked into the building. I actually felt like they valued my business since the first time I called and talked to Jessica, a very professional and customer driven sales lady.

Ron, one of the mechanics/technicians showed me around the trailer that morning and answered all of my questions and concerns.  I didn't feel rushed and it actually lasted around 1.5- 2 hours, which I truly appreciated.

Soon we were in the financial office where Ebony answered all of my questions and I was on my way back to Washington state.

As we all know, great employees make a company especially ones that truly understand "Customer Support" which means before, during and especially after the sale is over. Jessica treated me fairly and responded to all my questions and concerns during the manufacturing of my trailer. She supported me after the sale with some necessary changes to the start date of my warranty and roadside assistance programs. Some companies and employees wouldn't have gone the extra mile especially after the sale was over.

I truly believe RV Express, Richardson's RV and especially Jessica's attitude are what people are looking for when they are purchasing a travel trailer or RV.

- Will L. from Mukilteo, WA. (April 2016)


No pressure experience

My wife and I were exploring options online after deciding that we wanted a Jayco Eagle 5th Wheel. Jessica Macias with RV Express made the purchase of our first RV an extremely easy, no pressure experience. Since we special ordered our Jayco Eagle, numerous times I had questions and a couple changes that were always quickly taken care of by Jessica to our complete satisfaction. No request was too insignificant and Jessica was always available by email and phone to provide status of our purchase. The coordination of our delivery inspection was outstanding with pickup at Richardson’s RV center in Menifee. Jessica and the delivery staff walked us through all the details and provided the time needed to make sure that all of our questions were answered before taking our new RV home. We have already referred others to Jessica and will definitely be coming back to RV Express and Richardson’s RV for our next purchase.

Steve and Linda S.


Our buying experience was great!

We are experienced INTERNET buyers and for us it was easy to confirm that the best RV pricing available was with RV Express. Their WEB page was easy to navigate, providing pictures and equipment list for standard and optional features. The quoting process was simple and quick. Competitive pricing was available for all units, not just those few weekly specials that other dealers bait you with! After submitting a request, an EMAIL was sent immediately for the units with all of the details. The process was simple, straightforward and hassle free! I n addition, the sales rep, Jessica was very helpful and knowledgeable. Whether we called her or EMAILED her for details, her correspondences were always prompt and direct. She sent us pictures on request of units to clarify questions that we had on the Jayco unit that we were interested in buying. We requested pricing for various features and pick-up options and Jessica responded clearly detailing cost for alternatives. After narrowing our choice to a few units; we decided to travel to their Menifee, CA location and we're WOWE'D by their complete facility. The staff was professional and courteous. We test drove our unit, they answered all of our questions which made our decision easier. Picking up the unit was easy, it was ready for us and the walk through was very thorough; all of our questions were answered complete with hands on demonstrations and simple narratives to increase our confidence with our new RV. We would definitely recommend RV Express if you are in the market for a new RV.

- Leo & Carol L.


No one could match the pricing

Just took delivery of our Open Range 3x from Jessica of RV Express, Shelley and Danny of the service group and it was a great experience. Our buying was done through the internet (via email) from Jessica Christy of RV Express and the selection and pricing was very easy and straight-forward. Shelley went through the check out with us and she was very thorough - a lot of thing to absorb! Also, the office was pet friendly and let us wait inside with our Choc labs. Best of all, no one could match the pricing!!

- Benjamin R. - San Tan Valley, AZ


I did a lot of research on RV's when we wanted to purchase

I never thought I would make a large purchase like this online. I researched many makes of RV's and how they were constructed. I visited several dealers. Jayco came out on top for quality construction. I decided on the model we wanted which was a Pinnacle 31 RETS. I priced them at a local dealer for the exact options I wanted. Then called theRVExpress and priced the same options. I never found the Jayco I wanted, so I never got to walk through one before choosing it. I went mainly by pictures I could find online of that model and the Jayco company reputation. I spoke with Jessica several times and asked questions. One time Jessica actually went out and took a picture and sent to me, to me that is quality service.. I ordered in November through a program they had so I could pick it up in March. Jessica kept me updated throughout the entire process, she is one of the best sales person I have ever dealt with. The RVExpress was thousands of dollars less than our local dealer. We did have to drive to Indiana to pick it up, but that also gave us an opportunity to go on a tour of the Jayco Plant. I would recommend anyone wanting to purchase talk to Jessica at RVExpress, she is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every way.

- C. Wood


Extremely satisfied in Seattle

I became distantly acquainted with Jessica Macias when I was doing my due diligence to purchase my Denali Travel Trailer. Jessica handles internet sales as I was in Seattle, she was at Richardson's RV sales in California. I eventually sent her a spec sheet with the options that I wanted on my unit. She almost instantly sent me an email quote showing the options I wanted and price. I changed that spec sheet 3 or 4 times with different options. Each time her responses were immediate. She courteously and promptly sent me new quote sheets with my requested changes/additions. Jessica was always the epitome of customer relations and satisfaction. I would highly recommend that when you call or visit Richardson's that you specifically ask for Jessica Macias, you simply will not be disappointed.

- Extremely satisfied in Seattle, Terry L.


Thank you so much for the seamless service you provided in our obtaining our very first motorhome.

Needless to say the first time is quite overwhelming and you made it so easy and enjoyable for both Wendy and me. We especially appreciated all of the follow-up with regards to our questions and in you walking us through the entire process. The most important thing that we were hoping for was a good price and establishing a good relationship for service--- YOU and RV Express far surpassed our expectations. Rest assured that when we purchase our next it will be through you. Our 2016 Jayco Precept 35un is just beautiful. Thanks again for everything!

- John and Wendy P.


I do not often write an establishment to show my appreciation for good service but...

I do not often write an establishment to show my appreciation for good service but I think two of your employees deserve recognition.
First, I want to tell you that Jessica Macias was the most attentive and hospitable person to work with during the ordering process of my 2016 330RSTS. It was not even officially priced by the factory, yet, she was patient with me and did her best to get me a quote that would reflect what I would have to pay. She was thorough and notified me the moment she had the information from the factory. She responded quickly, and sometimes unexpectedly (during the holidays, on weekends, and way after normal business hours). In this day and age of convenience over quality, I am happy to report that I was very impressed with her service.
Second, I would like to let you know that Randy Smith, the tech at the dealer, was also very accommodating, and I believe went above and beyond what was required of him during the PDI. He helped me through every step of the inspection and fixed everything he could while my travel trailer was still in the shop. He did a great job setting up my weight distribution hitch, as well. I had not a single problem on the way home and the stance and ride was spot on. He was more than happy to share his knowledge with me and did not hesitate to answer any or all of my questions. I wish all techs were as knowledgeable and proud of their work.
Thank you in advance for your time and I hope my input has been of some assistance.
Brad W.